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About Anne-Sophie Baumann

Anne-Sophie Baumann studied science and literature before becoming an editor and finally, an author. A keen investigator herself, she satisfying curious young minds. Her topics range from construction vehicles to wildlife and often feature moveable parts to help children understand the world around them. Didier Balicevic studied at the Ecole des Arts Decoratifs in Strasbourg. He lives near Paris, where he works in publishing.

Recent updates about Anne-Sophie Baumann

Anne-Sophie  Baumann and Lucie Bruneliere

Out now! I Want to Be: Veterinarian by Anne-Sophie Baumann and Lucie Bruneliere. Published by Twirl.

9 months ago

Anne-Sophie  Baumann and Olivier Latyck

Out now! The Ultimate Book of Space by Anne-Sophie Baumann and Olivier Latyck. Published by Twirl.

11 months ago

Anne-Sophie  Baumann and Anne-Kathri  Behl

Out now! Eek! A Mouse Seek-and-Peek Book by Anne-Sophie Baumann and Anne-Kathri Behl. Published by Twirl.

1 year ago

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