Classic Collection: Sleepy Hollow

Saviour Pirotta Jason Juta

About the book

Schoolteacher Ichabod  Crane loves ghost stories but things quickly change when he  has an encounter with the ghostly headless horseman! Ichabod Crane is the teacher in a  little village called Sleepy Hollow.  Everyone in Sleepy Hollow believes  in ghosts and ghouls and loves to tell  spooky stories, their favourite being  the legend of the headless horseman.  However, things become a little too  real for Ichabod when that very ghost  appears one night and chases him.  Why is the horseman after Ichabod  and will he escape?   Carefully retold in clear contemporary language, and  presented with stunning illustrations, these favourite horror  classics will capture the hearts and imagination of young  readers. The  Classic Horror  series includes the following titles: Dracula:  9781781716304 Frankenstein:  9781781716281 Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde:  9781781716328 Sleepy Hollow:  9781781716342  

Publication Date

QED Publishing

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