Classic Collection: The Twelve Tasks of Hercules

Saviour Pirotta Gerald Kelley

About the book

Retold in clear contemporary language and coupled by illustrations, find out how Hercules fairs in his twelve daunting tasks. Hercules is set twelve impossible tasks. They range from destroying the many-headed Hydra to fetching the goddess Hera's golden apples. Each one will test Hercules, and if he triumphs, make him a hero. Does Hercules have the strength, courage and cunning to complete all twelve tasks? Discover why this myth of Hercules is still famous today, even after thousands of years.   The Classic Greek Mythologies series:
Enjoy delving into the lives of these ancient Greek heroes. Discover their  many adventures, from fighting monsters, to undertaking life-threatening tasks  and attempting to achieve the impossible. Clear language and beautiful artwork makes it easier for young readers to
engage with these epic stories.
The Classic Greek Mythology series includes: Theseus & the Minotaur:  978-1-78171-636-6
Perseus & Medusa:  978-1-78171-638-0
Jason & the Golden Fleece:  978-1-78171-640-3
The Twelve Tasks of Hercules:  978-1-78171-642-7

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QED Publishing

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