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Another Read offers authors and illustrators the opportunity to connect with an audience who love children's books.

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Build awareness of yourself and your books


Grow your readership and build a following


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Manage this page

Step 1.

Claim your page

If we only have basic details for you then you will see our standard profile page with a button in the top-right corner to “Manage this page”, click the button and fill in the form.

Find your page

If we are already working with your publisher try finding your page with a URL like, by searching on the homepage, or on the Authors and Illustrators page at

If your publisher has already provided us with additional details, you may have a different style of page, in that instance email us using

Once we’ve verified your details we will provide you with login details so that you can manage your profile.

If you can’t find your page or we’re not yet working with your publisher contact us using

Edit your page

Step 2.

Edit your page

Sign in to Another Read at

Go to the menu icon (top-right) and then “Your Page”.

Basic details (Edit details tab)

This page allows you to add a richer biography than the one your publisher may have provided and links to your website and social media channels.

You can upload a “cover image”, a large background image which will appear on your profile page. It could be your artwork, your most recent book or a photograph of you. There are guidelines for the image type and size on the page.

You can also alter the colours used on your page for icons, headings and background.

Click SAVE DETAILS at the bottom of the page before you move on.

Q&A (Questions tab)

Click on the tab titled “Questions”.

We have a set of 5 questions, you can choose to answer some or all of them. Once saved, your answers will appear on the your page.

Click SAVE DETAILS at the bottom of the page before you move on.

Review your page

To review your changes click on the tab titled “View your page”.

Edit your page

Step 3.

Edit your profile

Click back on the menu icon (top-right) and then “Your Profile”.

On this page you will need to scroll to the bottom of the page and click EDIT DETAILS.

Now you will be able to add your email address and upload your profile picture. Your profile picture will be what is shown in the activity feed and links to your page.

All users of the site have the ability to edit their profile and the fields for children and interests are intended for visitors to tailor their experience and be shown titles that match their interests. You do not need to complete this section but can if you wish.


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